How's your relationship with your liver?

Let's look at a few ways we can support the optimal health and functionality of our liver

Tips to improve your liver health

1. Eat your greens

First up in our tips for how to improve liver health is to eat more green vegetables. Green foods are supreme nutrition. They contain many bitter compounds that stimulate the cleansing of the liver. Good examples of greens include arugula, dandelion, parsley, cilantro, collard greens, watercress, and especially any cruciferous veggies like kale, broccoli, and brussel sprouts.

2. Drink a glass of warm lemon water

Second-most important in our list of how to improve liver health is not just drinking water, but water with a twist! Water isn’t just hydrating, it is nature’s solvent. Equally as important as consuming enough water is consuming the right kind of water—quality matters! To enhance the quality of your water, be sure to seek out spring water from wild sources.

You can also improve the detoxification abilities of water with a few simple additives. Adding lemon stimulates the liver to flush toxins by stimulating the release of bile.

3. Avoid inflammatory foods

Next up for how to improve liver health is to watch what you eat in the first place. Along with the obvious toxic and inflammatory substances that damage the liver, there are some foods that are highly inflammatory foods as well.

This is an inappropriate term because there is usually no food in them, they are simply junk! Then there are what many people consider to be comfort foods, they are usually rich in such sugar, flour, and inflammatory oils.

Other inflammatory foods would include pasteurized dairy, high-heated meat, overly-cooked food in general and any food you might be intolerant too. It’s best to minimize those options and choose fresh, whole foods like vegetables, berries, and properly prepared whole grains, and moderate amounts of healthy animal products (that, again, are also prepared correctly).

4. Move daily

Move it or lose it! Exercise is tip 4, in our answers to the question of how to improve liver health. A sedentary life, especially one with a lot of sitting down has been directly associated with nearly every disease. Without adequate movement the body will suffer. Movement does not need to be strenuous physical activity, it can be as simple as walking, yoga, gardening or going for a bike ride.